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Craft great software.

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Building software
that matters…

is more than a race to close issues. We know every team can craft great software, you just need the best tools and the right information.

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Best tools:

Manuscript provides all you need to make great software, including project management, issue tracking, and support, fused with just enough process to help you deliver.

Plus, there’s robust integration with other best of breed tools like Slack, GitHub and Google Docs that’s free and fully customizable, using the power of Glitch logo Glitch — our friendly collaborative coding community.

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Right information :

Manuscript shows you the issue and project info you need, alongside updates from your integrated tools.

As well as providing expert advice and insights from two decades of studying how great software really gets built.

Clear, upfront pricing.
We don’t nickel and dime.

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What’s “great” software?

It starts with software that ships on a predictable schedule, but goes far beyond that, with software that’s trusted by your community, thoughtful about user experience, and responsible in the ways it treats people & data.

Great Software…
…is crafted by teams because no one works alone, and we only get better when we learn from each other.
…is never done so you need an ongoing process, not just a checklist of tasks.
…matters because it’s what’s driving your business (and the rest of the world) forward.

Why Choose Manuscript?

Based on the engine of FogBugz, the platform that pioneered bug tracking, Manuscript is a purpose built project management tool for software teams.

Crafted by Fog Creek Software, the creators of Glitch.
We invented Trello, and cofounded Stack Overflow.

Learn how Manuscript works:

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