6. Document Collaboration

Collaborate, share knowledge and gather feedback.

Document Collaboration

The integrated Wiki makes collaboration easy. Share technical specs, design docs, knowledge base articles, and more. The Wiki is your go-to reference for all shared knowledge, so no team member will ever be out of the loop again.

Create Public Documentation For Customers

Make a part of your Wiki publicly available, enabling customers to view and contribute. Grow a knowledge base that’s all about your products. Deep case integration means you can keep on top of your documentation, keeping it up to date with ease.

Powerful Rich Text Editor

Create beautiful, complete specs and user documentation or write-up meeting minutes with ease: include tables, images, outside documents, and even an auto-generated table of contents.

Track Changes Easily

Keep your team’s knowledge safe and secure, and know who changed what. A wiki page can be edited by any team member who has access. Admins can view previous versions and revert pages with just a few clicks.

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