JIRA Alternative

Manuscript: a simple to use, easily configured alternative to JIRA

Atlassian JIRA customers switch to Manuscript because:

Search that actually works

Manuscript offers the best search on the market so you can always find the data you need. Jira requires you to memorize their search syntax, complicating the simple task of finding items you’ve worked on or reporting back to management. With discoverable, full-text search across all fields, Manuscript does the digging for you.

Connect all your tools in one place without paying extra

We believe you should be able to connect all of your tools in one place, without hidden costs. Jira’s app marketplace puts the weight of evaluating third party integrations on your team, often listing up to 10 separate offerings for the same tool, each with a separate cost. Manuscript offers first party integrations with the tools you love, and creates an easy environment to build custom integrations, with no surprise price tags.

Everything you need is in one place

Manuscript works out of the box, with built-in functionality around agile development, task management, and email integration. With Jira, you need four separate products to get all of the functionality available natively in Manuscript, adding significant overhead and cost for your team.

Maintaining software shouldn’t be harder than your job

Manuscript was built to stay out of your way, while Jira’s heavy customizability leaves the burden of administering their software to your team. Manuscript’s default workflows help you get started immediately, and our flexible customizations make it easy for your team to build and maintain new projects, allowing you to focus on the work at hand.

Workflows are simple, but flexible

Forget buying the guidebook or hiring in that consultancy team or full-time administrator, our workflows are intuitive and easily configured to suit your needs.

Easier to Get Started

Manuscript gives you all the tools you need, in one product. No add-ons required.



Issue Tracking Manuscript's got it! Core ($5/user)
Notifications Manuscript's got it! Core
Search Manuscript's got it! Core
Kanban Manuscript's got it! Software ($7/user)
Agile Workflow Manuscript's got it! Software
Customer submitted issues Manuscript's got it! Service Desk ($20/user)
Knowledge Base Manuscript's got it! Service Desk
AI-based inbox sorting Manuscript's got it!
Free customizable integrations Manuscript's got it!
Direct human support Manuscript's got it! Costs a lot extra
Slack Integration Manuscript's got it! 3rd party ($1 extra/user)
GitHub Integration Manuscript's got it! 3rd party ($2 extra/user)
Google Drive Integration Manuscript's got it!
Price per user per month $10 $10-$30/user

For 20 users:






Service Desk

3rd Party
Jira Add-on

Issue Tracking X X
Notifications X X
Search X X
Kanban X X
Agile Workflow X X
Customer Submitted Issues X X
Knowledge Base X X
AI-based Inbox Sorting X
Free Customizable Integrations X
Direct Human Support X X
Slack Integration X X
GitHub Integration X X
Google Drive Integration X X
Price per user/month $10 $5 + $7 + $20 + $7-?

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