7. Scrum Boards

Agile Sprint and Iteration planning and management.

Scrum Boards

Construct and plan iterations from existing cases. Create milestones for your backlog, sprints, doing and done — or any other structure your team or project needs. Customize each project’s structure to match your ideal Agile or Scrum workflow.

Build a Backlog With Ease

While planning your project backlog you can search existing cases. Whether adding a bug report or feature request, any case can become part of your backlog. Use filters to quickly build the backlog using saved searches or other criteria, and add new cases to it directly.

Balance Work by Hours or Points

We make it easy to ensure a balanced workload across your team when planning and during a sprint. Estimates can be added to cases from the planning screen, and if you prefer story points, then you can switch between hours and story points too.

Allocate Resources within a Sprint

To add a case to your sprint, just drag it from your backlog to the sprint milestone, and drop it in the location you want. Drag and drop cases to change their order in the planner as well.

Within the sprint, you can group cases by their priority, assignee, or status. Time is tracked across cases so you can always see remaining work.

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