4. Email Support

Customer feedback and issues together, in one place.

Email Support

Use Issue Desk to handle customer interactions over email for multiple mailboxes. Emails become cases, which you can treat like any other: prioritize it, assign it, track it, and of course, reply to it.

Email Triage Done For You

Talk to your customers from inside Manuscript. Set up support mail so that customer emails go straight to the relevant team or member’s inbox.

Timely Customer Support Taken Care Of

Automated Replies send a personalized response to all incoming emails, letting your customers know their inquiries have been received.

You can set due dates automatically, ensuring your customers receive timely responses.

Inquiries demand a different kind of response to Bugs or Features, that’s why you can set different workflows by type of email.

Save Time with Templated Responses

Repeat yourself, easily, with Snippets. Send quick, pre-formed responses to answer common questions that your team received. Save time and dramatically improve your team’s response rates.

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