2. Time Tracking

Deliver projects on time with data, not guesses.

Time Tracking

Time and estimates underpin an efficient project. Recording where your resources are being spent provides you with the insight you need to resolve delivery issues.

Spot trends in productivity over time to ensure you’re on top of team motivation and output.

Boost transparency with management and clients by giving everyone involved in a project an accurate picture of work completed and progress towards key milestones.

Know How Much Work You Have Left

Time estimates are incredibly useful. They give your colleagues an idea of how much work remains to be done. For a complex project, estimates show the big picture and help you meet your goals.

Over time they help you spot trends in tasks and projects - so you know the activities that often cause problems, and you can plan better for them in the future.

Track Time Spent On Each Case

Log time seamlessly with timesheets - either manually or with our built-in "Start Work" and "Stop Work" features to automatically track how much time you’ve spent on a case.

This granularity in reporting means you can resolve issues with particular tasks, and understand the impact at a project level.

Ensure a Balanced Workload

Know how much work each member has assigned to them, and re-assign tasks as necessary to ensure no-one becomes a bottleneck, and work keeps flowing.

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