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How FogBugz Works

Project management that helps you to craft great software.

A mountainJust enough process

You’re able to stick to the workflow that works for you. FogBugz enables Agile project management, with just enough process to follow your own workflow, so your team doesn’t have to jump through hoops.

Two fish, the Glitch logoBetter customization

Your tools work exactly the way you need them to. You can integrate with the most used tools easily: slack, twitter, github, google drive and more.

Share knowledgeShare knowledge

You’re able to share knowledge and plans with everyone. FogBugz incorporates document collaboration tools that make sharing technical specs, plans, design docs, knowledge base articles, and more, effortless. So no team member ever feels out of the loop.

Kanban and Sprint boardsCases, not issues

You don’t end up with more work than you can handle. FogBugz uses cases to organize your project, making it easy to gather all relevant information in one place. You can ensure a balanced workload by easily moving tasks between people, teams, and sprints, with Kanban and Sprint boards.

Fight emailEmail prevention

You aren't swamped and distracted by email. Tools like Slack help your team send less email, but what about emails from outside your team? FogBugz captures bug reports, requests and inquiries, triaging them automatically for you with the integrated Support Help Desk.

Two people rowing a boatKeep work flowing

Work keeps flowing, and everyone knows what needs to be done and when. Easily see and set estimates and priorities. Then see where work is getting held up, reassign tasks with drag and drop, and divide complex issues up into tasks and subtasks.

Two people, high-fivingBring teams together

Your support and development teams can easily work together. FogBugz brings customer feedback and issue tracking together. Developers have all the context they need to find the best solutions, support can update customers in a timely manner, and nothing falls between the cracks.

Someone flying with a capeEmpower customers

Your customers are empowered to help themselves. Give your customers the resources to solve their own problems. Create a knowledge base about your product with FAQs and documentation you can be proud of, kept up to date easily with deep-case integration.

A bugBe proactive

You’re able to be proactive in resolving issues. With Crash Reporting, you know which bugs to prioritize as your software can report errors, exceptions, and in-app customer feedback itself. You can spot and resolve issues before customers even report them.

A heartDevtools at the heart

Put your code tools are at the heart of your development process. Code hosting, version control, and peer code review tools are deeply integrated directly into FogBugz.

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