Connect the tools you use with Manuscript

Slack logo Slack

See a Manuscript case summary in Slack whenever you link to or mention a case. The case number, project, area, title, status, assignee, priority, and most recent edit are shown, so you and the people you’re chatting with have all the context they need.

Use Slash commands to add new cases and update existing ones from within Slack.

Three people GitHub

Automatically create Bug Events in Manuscript cases when pushing commits to a GitHub repository. So you can track the work done on a particular case, and provide context about why a changeset was committed.

A hand holding cables Twitter

Monitor Twitter for tweets that mention keywords you’re interested in, like @mentions and hashtags. A case is created in Manuscript for each match. It’s great for Support teams managing a Twitter queue, and for Product teams gathering feedback.

A person on a comupter Trello

Search for, and add Manuscript cases directly into Trello cards. So you can see the case number, title, amount of time remaining or status, assignee, and time of the last edit for each case. You can also click directly to a specific case straight from the card.

A cup of hot coffee Google Drive

Automatically link documents in Google Drive to Manuscript cases. You get a handy link taking you from Manuscript straight to the document you need.

Glitch fish Create your own

With our API and the power of Glitch, our friendly collaborative coding community, you can create your own integrations and edit existing ones to do exactly what you need.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Remix integrations created by the Manuscript community on Glitch, or quickly start creating new ones using our "Hello World" starter project.

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